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we believe that a balanced energy framework requires an energy supply that must be affordable, reliable and ever cleaner

For over 140 years, the people of Chevron have risen to meet some of the most complex challenges of energy. Today, we are focusing the creativity and ingenuity of our people on solutions that deliver lower carbon energy to a growing world.

We leverage nearly a century and a half of expertise in energy transitions. We thrive in diverse economies and cultures; operate in complex regulatory environments; and evolve to meet new challenges. Our primary objective is to safely deliver higher returns and lower carbon, which informs everything from operational excellence to strict capital discipline and transparent risk management.

We are investing in innovations that help industries and customers who rely on our products to advance a lower carbon economy. We are delivering the energy we need today while forging new paths to the future in ways that are affordable, reliable and ever cleaner. That's energy in progress.

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