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The ADIPEC Conferences 2024

The ADIPEC Conferences seek to advance tangible action and demonstrate collaborative industry progress, emphasising the need for an economy-wide transformation for people, the planet, and our collective prosperity. The conference programme aims to catalyse this shift by connecting the ideas, ambition, technology, and capital necessary to foster innovative solutions and drive actionable outcomes.

Spanning 10 conferences and over 350 sessions, ADIPEC will provide an inclusive stage for more than 1,600 speakers to address the most urgent global energy challenges. These leaders and innovators will offer diverse perspectives and approaches, sharing impactful insights from across the energy, finance, technology, manufacturing, transport and construction sectors.

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Strategic Conferences

Over four days, the Strategic Conferences will convene some of the world’s most influential voices to delve into critical topics and solutions connecting energy action to global progress and prosperity.

Technical Conferences

The Technical Conferences bring together the brightest minds and technical experts from across the energy value chain – the changemakers at the forefront of engineering, technology, and industry innovation.

The Conferences


Strategic Conference

The Strategic Conference will harvest insights on the latest thinking, trends and solutions around emissions, energy efficiencies and disruptive technology from those at the forefront of delivering the strategies, business models and technology innovations.


Decarbonisation Conference

The Decarbonisation Conference will offer an inclusive forum dedicated to finding credible solutions that can deliver the energy system of the future, while rapidly decarbonising the energy systems of today. Sessions will also explore innovation, international collaboration and digitalisation as key enablers of progress, accelerated through robust policies and the adoption of high-impact technologies.


Hydrogen Conference

The Hydrogen Conference will convene industry leaders to discuss these developments and chart a path forward. The conference will focus on hydrogen’s integration into global economies, address technological innovations, and support the development of strategies to scale up the hydrogen economy and accelerate the energy transition.


Finance & Investment Conference

The Finance & Investment Conference will offer a platform for experts across finance, energy, and policy to activate finance and investment needed to fast-track the global energy transition.


Digitalisation & Technology Conference

The Digitalisation and Technology Conference will seek to spotlight industry progress and inspire collaborative action to fully unlock the opportunities presented by the integration and adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies. It will explore the development of new materials, and bring together pioneers to showcase the latest innovations, AI and digital technologies needed to enable a sustainable energy transition.


Maritime & Logistics Conference

The Maritime & Logistics Conference will shape pragmatic and transparent discussions and foster the cross-industry collaboration needed to find tangible decarbonisation solutions that can accelerate industry-wide transformation, a critical step in delivering a clean energy future while maintaining equitable economic growth.


Voices of Tomorrow

The Voices of Tomorrow Conference will feature four individual streams to tackle the most pertinent agendas supporting the UAE Consensus and the important opportunities for the wider community to work multilaterally on commitments to deliver a just energy transition. Topics include bridging the gap between the global north and the global south, strengthening global alliances through intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations, ensuring equal representation from underrepresented groups, and fortifying the leaders of tomorrow.


Technical Conference

Organised by SPE, the Technical Conference brings together the brightest minds and technical experts from across the energy value chain – the changemakers at the forefront of engineering, technology, and industry innovation.


Downstream Technical Conference

The Downstream Technical Conference will explore the role of downstream in a rapidly evolving energy landscape, emphasising the importance of circular economies, operational excellence, and energy efficiency.

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