This year all participants will be issued with photo ID badges to be worn at all times during the Show.  

Why Photo ID Badging for ADIPEC 2017?  

  • PURCHASING POWER: The new photo ID will serve as a strong foundation for all industry stakeholders to meet the right mix of attendees holding the right authority or purchasing power.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: With 100,000+ trade professionals projected to converge over ADNEC, identification via a photo badge is relatively easier when compared with other methods of identification and will allow quick, confident decisions on authenticity without the usage of any hardware. The process requires no formal skillset as such and helps speed up the registration and attendance process. The high quality photo ID can be used across all 4 days of the event and will serve to reduce the amount of time spent onsite queuing at the various registration and entry points. This will allow for better utilisation of time spent on business making.
  • NETWORKING: An event specific up-to-date photo ID provides you with the guarantee and confidence that you are meeting with the correct target audience whether on the stands or during the conference networking sessions.
  • MEETINGS SCHEDULING: Through the photo ID, the Global Meetings Programme will serve as a digital identifier for the industry's global business leaders to get acquainted with each other pre-event thereby enabling a richer meeting experience for all stakeholders involved.
  • BUSINESS FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT: In an effort to boost a more business friendly environment, this quick and easy identification process creates favourable corporate conversations and eases business communication owed to the personal approach brought forward via the photo ID badge.
  • ADOPTION OF TECHNONLOGY: The same photo ID can be used across all 4 days of the event thereby reducing the of reprinting paper and decreasing the collective carbon footprint of the industry by avoiding the production and printing of multiple badges for a single individual. Aligning itself with the industry's objectives of adaptive innovation and progressive technology, ADIPEC promises to get better each year by adopting new technology to make your business experience at the world's foremost oil & gas platform a productive, secure and revolutionary one.
  • PROOF OF ATTENDANCE: To maximise the return on investment of companies sending staff from over 135 countries, a photo badge will serve as proof as well as future reassurance to an individual's/organisation's clients that he was in fact present at the largest oil & gas event in the world.
  • STAFF IDENTIFICATION: The photo ID badges can be collected onsite to assist staff within the same company with easy identification of their colleagues travelling from other locations.

Successful online pre-registration will grant you a one year complimentary subscription to the digital copy of Pipeline Magazine, the official publication for ADIPEC 2017, where you can get updated with the latest industry news both locally and internationally.