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2018 Testimonials

My name is Mohammed Ahmed Badhib. I am a mechanical engineering student at NYUAD. In 2014 and 2016, I have attended two Young ADIPEC programs with my school where we visited Schlumberger and Weatherford, respectfully. These two trips widened my view to my career path and made me think about joining the oil and gas industry as it is one of the main pillars of our national economy and has a lot of space for pioneering and development. Young ADIPEC have me the opportunity to engage with professionals in two of the biggest world companies in oil and gas which had many effects on me in terms of experience and other skills that are so important for a very successful engineer.

Mohammed Ahmed Badhib

Young ADIPEC Alumni

I was behind track on choosing my future career’s major. Young ADIPEC 2013 gave me the opportunity to go on a fieldtrip to Schlumberger. I was enlightened about the future requirements in UAE, and the focused vision toward engineering and technologies. Young ADIPEC Programme directed me to my future career. Now, I am a chemical engineer in progress, doing my best to earn some skills and knowledge to serve my country in the best manners… The future seeks engineers to build it and the present needs engineers to change it!!!

Saeed Khoury

Northeastern University, Boston – USA

Back in 2013 before participating in the young ADIPEC programme I had no idea what engineering was. I never thought I would end up where I am today. So I am truly thankful to this program that directed me somehow to this path which I certainly like and enjoy.

Alreem Alhammadi

Chemical Engineering student

Khalifa University

I was happy to wear the personal protective equipment for the first time in my life at Baker Hughes field trip back in 2013, Young ADIPEC gave me the opportunity to see how the day of Mechanical Engineer is like, I loved the challenges of the job. My dream is to work for ADNOC in one of its sites.

Asma Yateem

Mechanical Engineering student

Khalifa University