About Security in Energy

The Middle East’s burgeoning security market is forecast to be worth USD 34 billion by 2020, with more than 50 percent being spent on government, energy and critical infrastructure alone according to recent industry reports. In contrast, spending on protection against cyber attacks is forecasted to be a market worth USD 13.43 billion by 2019 in the region alone. 

ADIPEC’s inaugural 2016 Security In Energy Conference brought together for the very first time, cyber and critical infrastructure security experts and oil and gas executives to discuss the real life security threats and challenges facing the oil and gas industry. 

Across 2 days, the Conference unleashed thought provoking strategic and practical discussions and insights into tried and tested crisis planning, recovery and continuity preparation for critical infrastructure and cyber readiness and awareness for employees and businesses from IT system hacking and human error.

As security threats to the oil and gas sector continue to become an increasing everyday reality, ADIPEC’s 2017 Security In Energy Conference returns, bringing together leading experts shedding light on the latest market intelligence for security in energy.

Discussions will include: 

  • Spotlight on critical infrastructure threats and front line protection strategies across the Middle East
  • Recognising the importance of building a solid defence platform against cyber-attacks and understanding the fall out of an attack and its financial cost implications to your business
  • Infrastructure security systems and the retrofitting of existing industrial control systems (ICS) to build a secure and resilient infrastructure across your oil and gas facilities
  • Building an offensive IT security plan to drive secure data across big data processing and analytics
  • Identifying how to mitigate human errors in oil and gas infrastructure and cyber security
  • Bridging the awareness gap, staying ahead of the curve for Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) cyber security protection
  • Building an effective supply chain security plan through identifying risk management and preparedness