NDC/DNVGL Annual Rigowners Seminar 2017





NDC/DNVGL ANNUAL RIGOWNERS SEMINAR has become a prominent and valuable event for the oil and gas well drilling industry. Established in 2004 by National Drilling Company (NDC), an Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) Group company, to create a platform for rig owners of the region to share knowledge and promote best practices, the seminar has succeeded in attracting the best minds in the industry and gathering leaders of major drilling companies, rig building, maintenance and equipment manufacturing firms, class societies, and other companies related to the drilling industry in the region.

In its 13th round, the seminar adopted the theme: “Operational Efficiency: The foundation of Excellence”. The current business environment in the drilling industry is volatile. The industry is faced with an increasingly diverse and complex set of challenges. In the face of this volatility and complexity emphasis on operational efficiency, HSE effectiveness, cost optimisation and innovation has never been greater. As such, the drilling industry has been formulating comprehensive strategies to optimise performance and enhance productivity.

In the NDC/DNVGL ANNUAL RIGOWNERS SEMINAR 2017 a large number of quality technical presentations and engaging discussions will address the prevailing topics of operational efficiency and performance optimisation as key drivers for achieving excellence.



08:00: Registration and Coffee

08:30: Welcome Address

08:45: Keynote Address 


Abdalla Saeed Al Suwaidi
Chief Executive Officer


09:15: Innovation and new technology (Building Sustainability in offshore drilling through innovation, collaboration & localisation)

Title: Distant access to jacking control systems

While drilling operations are almost permanently monitored, critical equipment such as jacking systems are neglected. This presentation details the interest of remote connection to the jacking control system, in terms of:

  • Commissioning support
  • Event analyses
  • Equipment condition monitoring
  • Technical aspects of internet connexion, including security aspects will also be addressed.



François Desprez
Technical Director

09:55: HSE towards operation

Tittle: 100% HSE

100% HSE is a goal that is shared by every employee and contractor that represents ADNOC. It is our unwavering commitment to keep our people, our communities, our environment and our assets safe.

100% HSE means zero room for compromises, shortcuts, or negotiations that put us at risk.

Building a strong HSE culture doesn’t happen overnight; it requires buy-in from everybody and a personal desire to do things better and safer in order to achieve 100% HSE.


Abdulla H. Al Marzooqi
HSE Manager, 

10:35 Coffee Break and Networking

10:50 Digitalisation and real time (Efficient and safer operations by digitalisation)

Title: Efficient and safer operations by digitalisation

Data has given rise to a new economy and offshore industry is generating enormous amounts of data. Some data is operational and gives management information to first line management, but also to headquarters to set and monitor key performance indicators. By making use of this data, we can utilise them to achieve profitability, optimise efficiency and increase effectiveness on safer operations. An industrial ecosystem through data platform will be helpful to perform sensor-based classification by real-time condition monitoring of your assets. DNV GL foresees a sensor-based classification for assets to help them achieve more efficient and safer operations for a smarter and greener future.


Ernst Meyer
Executive Vice President & Director of Offshore Class

11:30 Efficiency and integrity

Tittle: Flat time KPI

Flat time activities represent a significant portion of drilling operations starting from the trip out of the hole to when the bit is on the bottom. Methodologies can be applied to highlight best practices. The results of a variety of drilling operations will be shared with the goal of stimulating discussion around transferring best practices from rig to rig. This presentation highlights the “Static” and “dynamic” flat time definition, data collection, monitoring, reporting and evaluation of available data..


John Huffman
Middle East Manager, Operations

12:10 Efficiency and integrity

Tittle: Optimisation of offshore operations by keeping highest safety level

As drilling rig owners, we need to find ways to reduce overall costs, increase productivity and reduce the probability of trouble free operations using technological advances, with the aim of having a safe and environmental friendly operations. Incident reports, near misses and transparency are at the top of the discussion.

Rig owners have to improve the capabilities and organisation of emergency response services. In view of emergency response services, how do Rig owners achieve cost efficient operations by using new assets/technology? What is driving performance and safety while operating in a very conservative segment? To achieve this, rig owners have to promote, stimulate and encourage high standards in our work environment.



Jørgen Arnesen
Chief Executive Officer and President

12:50 Lunch

13:35 Insight market Trends

Tittle: Market update

This session will provide a market update and will present scenarios on how the future will fold out in the short and long term for drilling contractors based on the oil price environment.

14:15 Digitalization and real time

Tittle: The Digital Revolution – what does this mean for the rig owner?

For several decades, we have developed better and more sophisticated drilling and pipe-handling equipment for the drilling rig fleet. Remotely controlled machinery operated from a comfortable driller’s cabin, with CCTV camera views, drilling parameters etc., being displayed on monitors in the driller’s cabin. This development has been evolutionary, with small steps and improvements to systems and equipment. This has gradually made the rigs safer, better and faster.

What will the so called “digital revolution” change how we operate our drilling rigs in the future, both short and long term?

The presentation will give an overview of the currently available technical solutions, the near-term solutions and where we may be 10 years from now.


Hege Kverneland
Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer


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