Photography Competition

The Young ADIPEC Photography Competition is easy to enter – it’s open to all students between 11-18 years old who live in the UAE.

The theme for the 2017 Young ADIPEC photography: “Sense of Community”. As it is the year of given in UAE our theme will encourage young photographers to express their feeling and sense of belonging in the community.

It will focus on displaying the four elements of Sense of Community which are membership, influence, integration and fulfilment of needs, shared emotional connection.

Download photography competition flyer

To enter the competition, please take the following steps:

  1. Take one or more photos that fit the theme. You can use a camera or your phone, but try to select the best possible quality
  2. Fill in the form and send it, along with your photos, to before midnight on 15th October 2016

Timeline & YAPC Judges

Theme Announced April 1st
Entries Open May 1st
Entries Closing Date October 15th
Judging Session October 29th
Winners Prizes Ceremony 14 November at 4 pm, at Young ADIPEC stand, Hall 13 – ADNEC

To download the competition flyer and submission form click here

YAPC Judges



All Students resident in the UAE in the age group of 11 years to 18 years can enter the Young ADIPEC Photography competition Form


  • The photographs must be taken by the participants. Someone else may press the shutter button if you setup the shot and the camera settings. Entries will be disqualified by the organizers, if it is discovered to the contrary.
  •  Scanned entries are not allowed. Digital entries MUST have Exchangeable image file (EXIF) data from camera.
  • A participants can submit maximum of 3 entries
  • Photographs entered in previous competitions are not acceptable.
  • Winners and Runners Up of previous the Young ADIPEC Photography competitions cannot enter the competition. Young ADIPEC reserves the right to reject entries.
  • Photos with camera generated date are not eligible.
  • Entries not conforming to the theme will not be accepted. Young-ADIPEC reserves the right to reject entries perceived unsuitable for public display or any entry not conforming to the rules stated above, at any time. Participants shall deem to have read and agreed with the rules stated herein for the Young- ADIPEC Competition while submitting the entries.
  • A panel of independent judges is in place to select the top ranking photographs. The criteria for the selection will be mainly, theme's adherence, technical quality, composition, and visual/aes thetic impact. Judges decision will be final and incontestable.
  • CDs/USB/storage media of photographs will not be returned to the participants.
  • Young- ADIPEC or the organizers of the Competition will not be responsible for accidental loss or damage to the entries due to any reason
  • Participants are advised that the enlargements of the selected photographs, made by Young-ADIPEC will become Young-ADIPEC property and these can be displayed or exhibited at their discretion for non-commercial purpose only.
  • Avoid photographing government buildings, bridges and any restricted areas, photos of such a premises will not enter the competition
  • Obtain a written permission from public if they appear in your photos to en sure to send it along with your submission.

Digital Photos

The digital entries are intended as a “straight from the camera” test of skill, and allow only the adjustments essential to convert your original image into a form acceptable for submission for this competition. Most editing tools (Photoshop, GIMP, etc) are not permitted under these rules. Restriction on post-processing apply to ALL edit performed after the image is captured, whether on a computer or with in-camera tools.

Your submission must be:

  • taken with a digital camera that records EXIF data.
  • a JPEG (.jpg) file of highest quality.
  • having a minimum resolution of 300 dpi
  • at least 2500 pixels, on the shorter side (above 6 Megapixes)
  • The entry should be submitted following:

1. E-mail Title: the Young ADIPEC Photography competition 

2. E-mail Text: Name of the participant, School Name, Emirate and your mobile Phone Number.



3. Digital file should be provided in according to the Entry Format. This means the file must                       contain your category, initials, family name and entry number, for example:


4. By sending the e-mail you agree with: “I hereby declare that I have understood and I agree with all the Rules, Regulations and Guidelines of this contest".

You must:

  • Create your entry from a single capture.
  • Ensure that your camera date and time are correctly set before shooting the entry.
  • Retain your original, unedited file (exactly as recorded by your camera), and provide it along
    with the submission of entries. Files that have been saved or altered with any editing or transfer software are NOT originals.

You may:

  • Use any feature of your camera while photographing your entry, with the exception of combining multiple captures in-camera.
  • Crop, rotate and resize your entry within the sizing guidelines.
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, curves, or levels uniformly to the entire image, and must not be
    used in such a way that their use becomes a feature.
  • Sharpen your entry using your editing software's "sharpen" or equivalent option. The use of
    customizable sharpening tools, such as Unsharp Mask, is not allowed.
  • Fully desaturate your image using your editing software's "desaturate", "convert to grayscale" or equivalent function.
  • Use RAW conversion software as long as the changes are made globally to a single file on one
    layer and do not create new features or effects in the process
    You will not:
  • Spot-edit your entry for any purpose.
  • Use the marquee, lasso, or similar tool to select a portion of your image for any reason.
  • Use any filter or other similar editing tools for any purpose
  • Use layers for any purpose.
  • Adjust hue or saturation, adjust or eliminate individual color channels, or use the Channel
    Mixer or any equivalent tool, except for the most basic black and white conversion as allowed
  • Add a border to your entry.
  • Use ANY editing tool to create new image area, objects or features (such as lens flare or motion) that didn't already exist in your original capture.
  • Add graphics, clip art, computer-rendered images or parts of other photographs to your entry during editing.
  • Add text to your entry during editing. This includes copyrights statements.
  • Distort or stretch your image in any way.


All entries will be displayed at Young ADIPEC after the judging and announcement of the


Prizes will be awarded to the selected photographs. Due Prizes, credits and Certificates will be awarded to the participants during a prize ceremony where all participants will be invited.