Under the Patronage of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of The United Arab Emirates


Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

9-12 NOVEMBER 2020
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Rig Owners Seminar 2018

Date: Thursday 15 November 2018

Venue: Conference Hall A, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

Theme: “Technology Adoption: a Primary Driver of Operational Efficiency”

ADNOC Drilling, a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), holds the 14th Rig Owners Seminar on the sidelines of ADIPEC 2018. 

The expert seminar, organised in cooperation with the international accredited classification society DNVGL, focuses on advancing operational efficiency, resource optimisation, and cost-effectiveness in the regional drilling industry. 

This specialised seminar reflects ADNOC’s leading role in supporting collaboration among industry players in the region and contributes to the advancement and growth of the international energy sector. 

The year’s seminar titled “Technology Adoption: a Primary Driver of Operational Efficiency”, will focus on technology and innovation to allow industry specialists and senior executives to stay updated on the latest technological breakthrough in the drilling industry, which have evolved significantly over the past several years resulting in increased initial production rates and recoverable hydrocarbons per well.


Session 1 - Seeing the Unseen: Innovative Use of Drones Improves Safety on Asset Integrity

Offshore rigs require to be surveyed every year with the intensity of examination increasing between annual, intermediate and five-yearly frequencies. Examination includes numerous challenging compartments and spaces. 

ADNOC Drilling introduced use of Drones for carrying out inspection on the jack up legs and inside tanks in safer and efficient method, thus mitigating all risks and introducing commercial efficiency as many preparatory costs were avoided and the rig outage time considerably reduced.


Hatim Khalifa Al Owaid

Vice President, HSE & Asset Integrity

ADNOC Drilling

Session 2 - Energy Transition Outlook

DNV GL’s Energy Transition Outlook is an independent forecast of the energy future through to 2050. Through a model covering all sources of energy demand and supply, and divided into 10 global regions, DNV GL is forecasting how the energy transition will unfold. 

The presentation will explain the assumptions, methodologies and key results of our forecast, and the energy transitions impact on the oil & gas industry


Ernst Meyer

Executive Vice President

DNVGL Norway

Session 3 - Innovative Rig Move Assist System Enhances Safety and Ease of Emplacement and Removal of Jack-ups

In recent years, the jackup industry has begun to look at rig move operations in more detail. The Rig Move Assist system utilises on-board sensors to capture information about present vessel conditions, responses and sea-states and present the processed information in a manner which can be easily viewed and interpreted by user to make informed decision to act in a safe manner. 

In this paper, the overall arrangement of Rig Move Assist is discussed and the underlying analyses on which the platform is supported are highlighted. 


Michael Perry

Senior Manager

Offshore Technology Development Pte. Ltd (Keppel Offshore & Marine)

Satish Menon

Assistant General Manager (Design & Engineering)

Offshore Technology Development Pte. Ltd (OTD)

Session 4 - Update of macro outlooks for the industry

The presentation will provide an update of macro outlooks for the industry and how this will trickle through to activity levels such as offshore drilling activity. A key theme will be to understand how offshore projects compare to other sources of oil supply. Lars Eirik will build the thesis using Rystad Energy’s detailed, bottom-up data tool which includes all upstream projects globally.


Lars Eirik Nicolaisen

Partner, Rystad Energy


Session 5 - Improving safety at sea through data gathering

From a jack-up design and associated equipment manufacturer point of view the overall goal is to reduce downtime and improve safety, such that the owner gets the most value out of the rig as possible.

Through technology it is possible to have eyes and ears on board through remote access. The introduction of GustoMSC’s Guide Load Measurement system (GLM) opens up a multitude of possibilities. By studying actual occurring loads through a big data approach, the engineering calculations can become more refined and tuned such that the marine operation will become more safe and ensuring that the rig capabilities are fully utilized.


Rutger Baan

Commercial Director

Gusto MSC

Session 6 - Challenges in managing Ballast Water and Sediments on Self-Elevating Drilling Units

Jack ups are using seawater during the preloading operations to install itself on the seabed which is to increase the weight of the Unit to a predetermined amount to achieve the maximum legs’ penetration.

Seawater is discharged at the same location after the operations on having a stable foundation. Jack ups may also require ballast water during transit. There may be a small amount of seawater and sediments will remain in preload tanks. The presentation will look at the owner’s challenges to comply with the D-2 regulation and at the IMO interpretation for the application of the BWM Convention to Mobile Offshore Units.


Capt. Valerio De Rossi

Marine Manager

Borr Drilling

Session 7 - Cyber Rigs in Action

Well known designer built high specifications to meet the high requirement of the client. Drilling rigs have an extremely important role in offshore industry and their performance is related to many factors like the rate of penetration (ROP), the costs of drilling, damages and injuries to assets and so on. 

The Cyber rig is a state of the art drilling integrated control system built for seamless integration of equipment control, process management, safety interlocks and information sharing. It is a limitless integration and operation control has revolutionized the way drilling works. Latest ergonomic and safety features providing breakthrough opportunities for highest quality and efficient performance while still operating at lower risks.


John Wishart


Foresight Group International, Foresight Drilling