Under the Patronage of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of The United Arab Emirates


Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

9-12 NOVEMBER 2020
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As we enter the 4th Industrial Age, the world’s demand for energy and energy-based products is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Oil and gas remains essential to the broader energy mix and a key enabler of tomorrow’s global economy.

Energy companies are factoring into their strategies an assortment of global megatrends; new energy trading maps, continued downstream integration and diversification and navigating climate and environmental issues driven by policy and regulation changes in a frequently moving geopolitical landscape.

The era, known as the Forth Industrial Age, is creating paradigm shift in global growth and driving our demand for our products. Our industry must step up to enable this massive step change in global development. In short, this mission can be given a simple name – Oil and Gas 4.0

Dr Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber

UAE Minister of State
and ADNOC Group CEO

Emerging Agenda for the Oil and Gas Industry

The primary mission of the oil and gas industry in the 4th Industrial Age is to stay ahead of the world’s growing energy demand. We are calling this mission ‘Oil & Gas 4.0’. Oil & Gas 4.0, the strategic conference at ADIPEC, is rethinking how the industry adapts and applies disruptive and innovative technologies. Technologies with the ability to move at pace to deliver increased value across industries and value chains. In addition to creating an industry agenda committed to attract a digitally native, inclusive and diverse workforce with a total talent management agenda.

Oil & Gas 4.0 will ensure the industry demonstrates environmental stewardship and reshapes oil and gas multilayered partnerships and ecosystems of the future.

Oil & Gas 4.0, the Strategic Conference at the 2019 edition of ADIPEC will take a close look at the challenges and opportunities for oil and gas companies that will come about as the fourth industrial revolution continues to impact and transform the industry. This lucrative opportunity created by rising demand is driving producers and oil and gas companies worldwide to evolve and change. 

Leading energy companies who are spearheading the adoption of Industry 4.0 have partnered with ADIPEC Oil & Gas 4.0 this year. They are the companies rethinking and adapting their strategies in order to embrace and implement disruptive and innovative technologies that will shape the future of the oil and gas industry globally. 

From smart technology such as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and blockchain, to the strategic thinking that underpins moves to install these technical innovations. 

Oil & Gas 4.0 and ADIPEC provides a unique opportunity for the oil and gas industry to power the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to embed innovation into every part of their operations to meet the energy demands of this era. 

We thank our Host in ADNOC, our Strategic Partners and our Sponsors for their support in Oil & Gas 4.0